Karen with casting torch

Karen Maxine Kryzan

Artist Statement

The process to creating in any art form is both intuitive and experimental. Creating small scale sculpture for decorative, functional, or wearable purposes is my intention. As a maker, I am passionate about materials, creating my own designs, problem solving, and expressing these ideas by constructing one-of-a-kind objects.

A variety of environments influence my designs. I capture the negative space shapes between tree branches by creating pendants or brooches. Bird motifs have appeared in my magpie-etched cuff bracelets, anodized aluminum pins and earrings, and hoop necklaces. I am also influenced by my farming roots, travel, and historical periods including my European, Scottish, and Métis ancestry. My other influences are conceived from periods I have studied in Art History such as the Baroque, Victorian and Contemporary eras.

My work is divided into three distinct lines: contemporary, historical, and Canadiana. The contemporary line consists of a pendant style called Just Jasper and uses plexi-glass as a base for the Jasper stone with a sterling silver pierced bezel. The historical line of Victorian brooches with a bezel-set Labradorite stone is a re-design from images of antique cabinet drawer back plates. The Canadiana line is cast snow called Canadian Snow Cast, eh! and consists of Glacialis I and II neck pieces and Snow Drop pendants.